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Jawa 350 Retro Solo

The Jawa 350 Retro
Some may say it's not a retro but the real thing.
The styling harks back to the 1970s
A time when people bought motorcycles to use everyday.
They demanded dependability and ease of servicing
But they still wanted a stylish bike they could
polish and be proud of.

The Jawa Retro perfectly captures the styling and
sense of purposeful simplicity of the 70s

A motorcycle you can buy with both
your head and your heart.

Equipment includes electric start, electronic ignition, clear instrumentation and excellent disc front brake.

Technical Specifications
Engine type
2 cylinder air cooled 2-stroke
Engine size
Bore and stroke
bore 58mm, stroke 65mm
Compression ratio
9.8 to 1
Ignition type
Max power
17kw (23 bhp) at 5250 rpm
Max torque
32 NM at 4750 rpm
Maximum length
2080mm (approx. 82 inch)
Wheel base
Dry weight
149 kg (327 lbs)
Wheels and tyres
Front 18 x 3.25 - Rear 18 x 3.50

Most 2-strokes are peaky, revvy and hard to
keep in the power band.
Jawa have never been like other 2-strokes and they still aren't
They are built to produce torque.
Relaxing and comfortable to ride with a big bike feel,
but still narrow and light enough to filter through city traffic.
Away from the city they have enough go for long distance touring.
Straight forward servicing , and low cost spares make these the ideal all rounder

Colour Options
Bright red with chrome mudguards
Dark red with painted mudguards

Electric and kick
4 speed enclosed chain drive
Seat height
860mm (34 inch)
Front telescopic forks - Rear twin shocks
Front 265mm disc - Rear 160mm drum
Pre-Mix 2-stroke
70 mpg at 50 mph (60 mpg average)
Fuel capacity
17 litres with 2.8 litres reserve
Maximum speed
77 mph
Cruising speed
55 - 60 mph

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Jawa 350 Retro Prices
Jawa 350 Retro On The Road
Optional Extras, all prices include fitting to a new bike.
Simple Alarm and Smart Charger
Rear carrier rack in chrome
22/26 litre top box to fit rear carrier rack (1 helmet size)
Tune up - Complete replacement of all silencer internals, matched to carburetor and air box modifications. Good increase in mid range torque, better acceleration and less need to change gear for hills
Taller Gearing - Reduces engine revs for more relaxed cruising. Not a good modification in hilly areas or if carrying a pillion most of the time. Idea for solo riding on main roads.
Lowered Seat - Resculptured seat foam, lowers seat height by 30mm, can be used with lowered suspension giving 50 mm.
Lowered Height - Shorter, but stiffer shocks and fork adjustment drops seat height by 20 mm

Jawa 350 Classic shares the same engine

More details of the Jawa 350 Classic
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